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September 30, 2012
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Akio in MMD by xCheshire-Rabbitx Akio in MMD by xCheshire-Rabbitx
Akio in MMD (Miku Miku Dance). I DID have another Model of him but i cant remember which file i saved it in and so after hours of looking i just gave up and made a new one.

I also made :iconkizu100100:'s Character too c: But after testing it, i found out one of the bones wasn't rigged so i have to fix that x'D.


Ok, before i Give credits to those, I have something to say.
Number 1: I'm NOT Going to credit all of you in all of my screenshots and videos, If you want credit then look Here.

"Why" You may ask, is because It's really frustrating and annoying to have to give credit to thousands of people in every little thing there is.
but i will post a link to this, where all the credit is given
Plus like i said, you want credit? Then look here.

Number2: Iv'e seen alot of you take things from other games like 3DCG and another one i can't remember, And then when you post a DL you say "Give me credit" ...
Well first of all, Why should we give you credit for something you didn't even make? Ya sure, you made it possible to import into MMD, but really you want credit for something you didn't even make yourself? I call that Greedy and being selfish, as in all you care about is the "credits".

Heck iv'e even seen retextures of Miku's, Kaito's, Len's, Rin's shirts and pants, yet the person says "Make sure to credit me!five!!one@32#!!1three". Pfft all you did was give it a different texture. You didn't even make it yourself, so why?

Yeah this is a rant x'D.

I'm probably going to be hated for this, I don't really care. But i just CAN'T stand it when someone does that x'D its like stealing something but renaming it, or putting a little dot on it to make it not seem noticeable. I mean really? Lol.

I mean like if the creators of those games found out about that, how would they feel? They would feel pretty bad that someone took their creations and edited them or something else. Its just like stealing Art.

How about this, if you want REAL Credit then how about get off your lazy ass Butt, find a 3d model making program, and make some models of your own. :3 Like Blender.

Lol ok no more rants
And no this wasn't suppose to hurt anyone's feelings, sorry if it did.
For the pants i just used Len's with different colors :U

Lol i think i might have forgotten some, since i forget things...ALOT. if i did please tell me ene" I don't feel like being bashed with "Liekkk OOM meh Gawrd uuu lieeek stoleded mi Sturff!!211231jkn!! Imma liek fdsf report u cuz lieek dats muyt sthuff!!"

AKIO BELONGS TO ME (c) :iconxcheshire-rabbitx:

lolwat is it wrong for a male to wear a cupcake shirt? :L i think not.
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ZoruaXGuy2013 Jan 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It is kawaii super duper omg sugoi cute cute like popcorn soda desu (i don't know what the hell that was)
xCheshire-Rabbitx Feb 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
(Then why bother typing it in the first place?)

xCheshire-Rabbitx Sep 30, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No prob
awwwwwwwww cute
I want to do my character like that
xCheshire-Rabbitx Sep 30, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks :3 The only hard part was getting the clothes on the character x'D
xCheshire-Rabbitx Sep 30, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
xD yea. The hair, and textures are easy but the clothes are just so difficult
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